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Welcome to VSS Company.

VSS has spent 6 years of research to create the most powerful image comparison algorithm on the market.

The need for 'visual' database search of photos and images digitally stored is becoming more and more obvious.

While finding a (visually) identical image is not so difficult, finding 'similar'' (but not identical) images is so complex that so far the biggest international companies provide in this field very simple solutions, based mostly on colour analysis of a photo/image.

We are sure that VSS Image Search Engine based on image comparison algorithm VSS is ahead of already known solutions

What We Do

VSS offers solutions for comparing and searching images applied in many areas: E-Commers, Social media, Public services, IT market etc.

VSS technology
How we compare images ...

Contrary to other algorithms,
VSS algorithm is not based on colour similarity of photos, but mostly on shape and composition analysis. Of course, colour analysis is also implemented ...

Research & Development
Our primery aims for next days...

Advanced categorization for tagging:
afinity propagation algorithm Multi-language search tools for combined search - word tagging ...

Next evolutions
Brief outline of our next projects ...

Digital video is becoming an increasingly important
medium for e-commerce market, as well as it plays a significant role for educational purposes. The rapid growth of mobile devices and the growing popularity of YouTube ...