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The future of retail is omnichannel accessed from a large variety of handsets

In the last decades, the Internet and e-commerce- has brought about a shift in consumer behavior within the consumer-focused industries. The Internet provides consumers with instant access to information needed to compare, shop and purchase items anytime and anywhere. The increase in access to information results in consumers who are better informed about companies, products, services, pricing and availability The landscape is changing and the line between online and offline shopping is blurring. In addition, this change is taking effect more rapidly than expected and is impacting tomorrow's way of doing business

Image of a future

VSS company will compete world wide in the field of advanced image alnalysis oriented technologies. We intent to win this competition!

Side notes...

VSS has the capacity
to address ecommerce players from varying size and position in the e-commerce value chain


It is predicted that
online retail sales and orientation will grow further in the coming decade(2). Expected growth comes forth out 3 factors:

  • More people are going online (with broadband access or mobile broadband)
  • As people start to recognize the benefits of online shopping channel, more consumers are shopping online
  • As consumers are getting used to online shopping they are spending more while shopping online