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Video Plus VSS project

Digital video is becoming an increasingly important medium for e-commerce market, as well as it plays a significant role for educational purposes. The rapid growth of mobile devices and the growing popularity of YouTube and other similar web sites make video novel watchers one of the most important targets for product advertisement and/or educational systems. Therefore VSS team started Video Plus VSS project to develope new advanced tool for extending video medium toward e-commerce and educational applications.

Region tracking method vs. Multi-point tracing method.

Typical aproach of tracking selected object is to define rectangular or circular region which is searched frame by frame.

VSS Plus Video solution can distinguish objects using multi-point object definitions instead of region object definition. This method is more accurate in cases of tracking objects with irregular shapes.

Multi-object tracking

Instead of single region tracking technique VSS Plus Video applies multi-point tracking method to locate and separate objects.

VSS Plus Video - applications

  • VSS Plus Video solution can be applied in e-commerce to add dedicated advertisement to selected visual object which can be seen on video. Such advertisement can be accesed while user is pointing visual object with a cursor.
  • Also scientific and educational information about seeing object can be accesed by pointing it with a cursor.
  • VSS Plus Video solution is excellent tool to compare videos and search the similar to model one.