VSS technology

How we compare images ...

Comparing of images - VSS solution

We have developed a new advanced technology based on two proprietary algorithms:

Contrary to other algorithms, the algorithm developed is not based on color similarity of photos, but mostly on a shape and composition analysis Color analysis is also implemented, but in order to emphasize the advantage of our technology, it has been reduced to minimum Apart from quality and minimal size of photos, there are no other limits when it comes to the nature or a subject of images being searched. The engine is as good at searching popular photos as products or works of art images

Our achieved

  • Unique visual search engine: pure visual solution (as compared to color recognition & word tag)
    • Highest accuracy achieved:
    • 73%: with low quality pictures
    • 85%: single object clear pictures
  • Tested and stable visual search engine
  • Various distribution models: License, SaaS, pay-per-click, database
  • Mobile-environment friendly solution - low bandwidth

We performed number of tests with image database of over 1,5 MLN images.

looking back...

First public presentation (2006)
of the VSS algorithm to end-users & scientists raise awareness ...


From that moment
we have developed an advanced visual search engine. Enhanced of the algorithm with efficiency gains and Increased accuracy.